Events 2023

Like you, we love to get out and have a wander around the country shows.
Please do send us an email if you are a show organiser or you want us to attend your local show in 2023 or 2024 as we are always looking to add events to our list below.
We look forward to seeing you at the shows this year.

  • Market Harborough Local Artisan Fair on the Square Last Saturday of each month 29th July 2023
  • Duston Village Market Second Saturday of each month 12th August 2023
  • Rothwell Saturday Market Third Saturday of each month 19th August 2023



3rd Lutterworth Market

4th Uppingham Market

4th Daventry Market

5th Blakesley Show

10th Lutterworth Market

11th Uppingham Market

11the Brackley Market

12th Duston Village 

September 2023


16th Yelvertoft Show

17th MX5 Club Coventry

27th Fawsley Hotel and Spa

28th Oundle Market

28th Lutterworth Market

29th Uppingham Market

29th Brackley Market

30th Market Harborough

30th Gransden Show, Peterborough

October 2023


3rd RHA Welford Christmas Farm

5th Oundle Market

5th Lutterworth Market

6th Uppingham Market

7th Thrapston Market

8th Corby Glen Sheep Market

13th/14th/15th Market Harborough

14th Duston Village Market

19th Oundle Market

19th Lutterworth Market

20th  Uppingham Market

21st Rothwell Saturday Market

21st Higham Ferrer

28th Market Harborough

November 2023

12th Duston Village Market

18th Rothwell Saturday Market

18th Mish Mash Kibworth

25th Market Harborough

25th Daventry Christmas Market

26th Stamford Christmas Market

December 2023

1st Market Harborough late night

2nd Oundle Christmas Market

2nd Lamport Hall Christmas Market

3rd Lamport Hall Christmas Market

3rd Welland Valley Garden Centre

7th Uppingham Late Night Shopping

9th Duston Village Market

9th Brixworth 

16th Market Harborough

16th Rothwell Saturday Market











borough Late Night